Ancient cosmetics were botanical cosmetics: natural colorants, plant juices that soothed the skin and repelled insects, plant-based moisturisers and concealers, and fragrant oils that acted like modern-day perfumes. During these times, plants were also used in cleaning products and to treat minor skin conditions. Since then, botanical extracts – in particular rosehip, witch hazel, liquorice, chamomile, arnica, rosemary, and calendula – have been a key ingredient in skincare products worldwide.


Unique Specialties


  • Provider of top-quality tinctures and liquid solutions of botanicals for cosmetics, skincare, and aromatherapy.
  • Experts in coal tar, benzoin gum, witch hazel, and arnica tincture.
  • GMP accredited production facilities.
  • Highly experienced production, development, regulatory, quality assurance and quality control teams.


Best Selling Cosmetics Botanicals


  • Arnica
  • Coal tar
  • Witch hazel
  • Chamomile

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