Cough & Cold

Herbal medicine originated in ancient cultures and was the basis of the birth of the pharmaceutical industry in the 19th century. Since then, many healthcare and pharmaceutical companies have worked to create natural medicines for the common cold, and botanical extracts have been used in cough and cold products for many years.

An increasing consumer demand for herbal medicines has created a renewed interest in the use of natural products for cough & colds. Many international studies have shown that medicinal plants can cure diseases and improve health without significant side effects.


Unique Specialties


  • APIs supported with Drug Master Files (DMF) and an experienced regulatory and development team.
  • Development of finished products containing our active ingredients, for contract manufacturing.
  • GMP accredited production facilities.
  • Highly experienced production, development, regulatory, quality assurance and quality control teams.
  • Long standing supplier in this category with proven experience and track record.
  • Trusted supplier to the largest cough and cold brands in UK and Asia.


Best Selling Cough & Cold Botanicals


  • Cocillana (Identified Molecule: Alkaloids) – Expectorant
  • Ipecacuanha (Identified Molecule: Alkaloids) – Emetic/Expectorant
  • Liquorice (Identified Molecule: Glycyrrhizic Acid) – Expectorant
  • Senega (Identified Molecule: Saponins) – Emetic/Expectorant
  • Squill (Identified Molecule: Proscillaridin A.) – Expectorant/Emetic
  • Ginger (Identified Molecule: Gingerols) – Carminative
  • Thyme (Identified Molecule: Thymol) – Expectorant
  • Marshmallow Root (Identified Molecule: Flavonoids) – Antitussive
  • Euphorbia (Identified Molecule: Flavonoids) – Antibacterial
  • Wild Cherry Syrup – Expectorant / Flavouring agent

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