Soft Drinks

“Soft drink” is an umbrella term for carbonates, fruit juices, dilutables, still drinks, juice drinks, bottled waters, sports drinks, and energy drinks. Soft drinks are very popular, with consumers constantly demanding new flavours, new ingredients, and new ways of packaging to suit their lifestyles and health issues.

Innovation and evolution have thus been critical to the success of the soft drink industry. Recently, the industry has started manufacturing soft drinks containing botanical extracts for adults who are concerned about weight management, digestion, energy, detoxification, stress and concentration.


Unique Specialties


  • Unique ability to combine the experience and skills of our in-house flavour creation team and botanical experts to produce fresh, minimally processed, and clean-label botanical drinks.
  • Wide range of aromatic single botanical extracts and customised botanical extract blend for relaxation, beauty, energy, detoxification, digestion, stress, concentration and immunity.
  • Manufacture all FTNF and botanical extracts on the same site in the UK.
  • Fully accredited with GMP and BRC Grade AA.


Best Selling Soft Drinks Botanicals


  • Burdock – Appetite stimulant
  • Damiana – Aphrodisiac
  • Dandelion – Diuretic / Caffeine free coffee,
  • Elderflower – General detoxification
  • Ginger – Calmative,
  • Ginseng – Tonic/Stimulant
  • Guarana – Energy /Performance
  • Lemon Balm – Sedative
  • Green tea – Stimulant
  • Yerba Santa – Aromatic tonic.
  • Quassia – Indigestion / Purgative.

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