A range of flavours and herbal products for both race competition and leisure horses. Can be used to mask bitter but nutritious feed ingredients, reduce feed rejection, provide flexibility to change feed composition without affecting overall palatability, and to maintain overall consistency in feed tastes and aroma.

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    Unique Specialties


    • Full regulatory compliance.
    • Universal Feed Assurance Scheme (UFAS).
    • ISO AND BRC certified facility.
    • Both powder and liquid products available.
    • Detailed and experienced information on inclusion/dosage rates.
    • Long-standing and well established flavours with proven impact and results.


    Best Selling Equine Flavours


    • APPLE. Effective in all types of horse diets. Provides a delicate apple aroma that is not overpowering or acidic.
    • GRANNY APPLE. Suitable for use in all types of equine diets including salt licks. Concentrated form.
    • LIQUID APPLE. Suitable for use in all types of equine diets. Provides a smooth apple nose to horse diets.
    • ANISEED FENUGREEK. A traditional flavour with added benefits of natural herbs. Aniseed can assist in the digestion. Fenugreek stimulates appetitive and masks bitter tastes. use in pellets, chaff, coarse mixtures.
    • PEPPERMINT. Peppermint is widely liked by horses and owners. Use in pellets, chaff, coarse mixtures.
    • CARAMILLA. Provides a sweet aroma to the finished feed which is widely liked by horses
    • EUCALYPTUS. Specially designed to provide easy breathing properties for performance horses and to encourage the removal of mucus in the respiratory tract.
    • GARLIC. A strong traditional flavour for use in equine diets, suitable for both use in both mixtures and pelleted feeds
    • SPEARMINT. A smooth spearmint flavour that will appeal to both horse and its owner.
    • GARLIC AND MINT.  A combination of garlic and spearmint flavour.

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