The Quest Way™

Our niche position between the Pharmaceutical and Natural Health industries, combined with more than 35 years of experience in developing, manufacturing and selling Nutraceutical and natural health ingredients have resulted in our unique and special way of doing business. We call this TheQuestWay™.

  • Achieving performance without compromising integrity and through a commitment to ethical, environmental, quality and manufacturing standards

    All our decisions and actions are guided by a genuine commitment to ethical, fair and responsible business practices. In particular one of our core principles is: “If we can’t prove it, we will not make it”. This ensures that our products are all developed and supported by a clear scientific platform and actually deliver the impact and/or health solution for which they are designed.

    Our manufacturing facilities conform to the highest industry quality standards, evidence by our independent certifications and our ability to provide full traceability and transparency for our products, our raw materials and also our manufacturing and sourcing processes. We also strive to continually review and reduce the environmental impact of our facilities, especially relating to reducing our carbon footprint, operational waste and water impact.

  • Our manufacturing facilities conform to the highest industry quality standards, evidenced by our independent certifications and our ability to provide full traceability and transparency for our products, our raw materials and also our manufacturing and sourcing processes.


    Our facilities have been audited and certified as complying with “Good Manufacturing Practice” (GMP) by the United Kingdom’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) for production of finished products and for manufacturing active pharmaceutical botanical ingredients.

    BRC Grade “AA”

    Our UK facility is certified grade “AA” by the British Retail Consortium which accredits and certifies the supply of food flavours that are ultimately used in products that are stocked by UK supermarket retailers.


    Our facility manufacturing flavours and botanicals for the animal industry is certified under the Feed Materials Assurance Scheme, which accredits the the sourcing and production of feed ingredients.

    SEDEX Membership

    SEDEX membership ensures ethical and responsible business practices in global supply chains, with a focus on labour standards, health & safety, the environment and business ethics.

    ISO 9001:2008 Certification ISO 9001:2008 Certification

    The ISO 9001 certification from the International Organisation for Standardisations ensures the highest Quality Management System within our company.


    KLBD Kosher Certification is a leading global kosher certification agency operating across six continents.

    Halal Certification Europe HALAL CERTIFICATION EUROPE

    Halal Certification Europe (HCE) is an independent non-profit making organisation that ensures the products certified by HCE are truly Halal compliant.

  • Developing successful partnerships through unrivalled business support services

    We deliver extensive training on our products, which we make available in the form of manuals, written materials, presentations, workshops and online materials. We employ dedicated trainers and sales representatives that travel worldwide to deliver training to our customers to enhance their understanding, application and sales of our products.

    All of our products are backed-up by comprehensive written materials, updated on a regular basis, providing our customers with all the necessary information on product quality, features, specifications, applications, scientific-background and manufacturing.

    We regularly undertake processes such as workshops, conferences, market surveys and industry reviews to gather and collect key feedback and information to enable us to continually improve, develop and enhance our product portfolio for our customers.

    We understand that correct positioning or application of our products is vital to their effectiveness and success. We dedicate significant time and resources to develop a market positioning strategy and retailing and marketing support for our customers.

  • Striving to remain industry-leaders, innovating great products and offering new solutions

    Quest continuously strives to introduce innovation to its products and processes, both proactively to remain industry-leaders, and also through acting on the ongoing feedback we collect from the market and directly from our customers and from consumers. This innovation delivers newer and more effective products and health solutions to our consumers.

    DR Caps™ DR Caps™

    We are one of the first in the world to use delayed release capsule technology for nutraceutical products containing probiotic bacteria and enzymes. This new technology reduces the exposure of probiotics and enzymes to the acidic environment in the stomach and releases them directly into the intestine where they confer a health benefit.

    The Biotix™ Range The Biotix™ Range

    We are one of the first companies to conceive, develop and launch a full range of probiotic-based nutraceutical products combined with synergistic nutrients designed for specific and targeted health needs.

    The Platinum Excellence™ Range The Platinum Excellence™ Range

    We are a leader in developing a new niche category called “Nutra-Pharma” with highly effective, scientifically supported natural health solutions, which can be considered as an alternative to, or can be used in combination with pharmaceutical drug products.

  • Delivering impact through science and continuous quality testing

    Quest’s products are developed with science at the forefront and are rigorously tested in-house to deliver their impact through effectiveness, safety, reliability and quality. All of our products are developed and supported by a clear scientific platform in which all of our customers can trust.

    Our state-of-the art in-house laboratories screen and test all incoming raw materials and outgoing finished ingredients and products to ensure they meet the highest specifications of quality, safety, reliability and shelf life.

    Max Power Max Power™

    Our nutraceutical products provide the correct potency of the active ingredients based on scientific research. Laboratory analysis and testing of our raw materials and finished products ensures that we guarantee the product contains exactly what is stated on the label.

    Bio-Release Bio-Release™

    Our nutraceutical product range includes 30 minute quick-release formulas for rapid tissue absorption and 6 hour timed-release formulas for prolonged supplementation, depending on the best active release mechanism for absorption and product efficacy.

  • Inspired by nature for product development, manufacturing processes, innovation and sourcing raw materials

    At Quest we believe that nature is the best example, and we continually look to nature for our inspiration and ideas on product development, manufacturing processes, innovation and for sourcing raw materials.

    For our business customers, we offer natural alternatives to conventional and chemical ingredients, including natural flavour extracts and natural active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) in the form of botanical extracts.

    For our consumers, we offer natural health products that can be used as an alternative to, or in combination with, conventional pharmaceutical products.

    Bio-Balance™ Bio-Balance™

    The principles we incorporate into all of our holistic nutraceutical formulations take into the account the synergies, interactions and competition that exists between nutrients in nature.

    Bio-Absorb™ Bio-Absorb™

    The Bio-Absorb active ingredient we use in all our mineral-containing nutraceutical products, mimic the natural way the body absorbs minerals from food and ensure that they are highly absorbed and are gentle on the stomach.

    Min Process™ Min Process™

    We are a leader in direct compression tablet technology, which excludes the use of solvents, heat and the intensive processing associated with other tableting manufacturing processes.

    Biotix™ Biotix™

    Our Biotix range and Platinum Excellence™ range of nutraceutical products have been designed to offer consumers with highly effective and scientifically supported health solutions, which can be considered as a natural alternative to conventional drug products.

    Natural Agriculture Solutions Natural Agriculture Solutions

    We develop unique and natural botanical-based ingredients to enable the agricultural industry to use less antibiotics drugs, less synthetic anti-bacterial compounds and to promote the health and condition of animals naturally.

    Natural Flavours Natural Flavours

    We offer an extensive range of natural flavours providing an effective alternative to artificial flavours at a commercially viable price.